Foreign Teachers

Aisher Antwi Boasiako

Aisher Antwi Boasiako Bachelor of Education (Major in English)

Cheng-Chun (Alan) Tsai

Cheng-Chun (Alan) Tsai Doctor of Philosophy (English as an International Language)

Grandy Eleazar

Grandy Eleazar Bachelor of Science in Commerce ( Accounting) Diploma in Teaching (on-going)

Hanzel Manalo

Hanzel Manalo Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Master in Business Administration (24 units) UPOU Professional Teaching Certificate

Anthony Ragot

Anthony Ragot BS Hotel and Restaurant Management Supplemental - Bachelor of Secondary Education

Jennelyn Presado

Jennelyn Presado Bachelor of Secondary Education (Major in English)

Zahid Nazir

Zahid Nazir Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)

Philip Arthur

Philip Arthur Bachelor of Arts (English)

Issah Abubakari

Issah Abubakari


Theerachai Siha


Federico Wechsler

Nareerat  Bhakdisivichai

Nareerat Bhakdisivichai