Guidance Department

Mr.Chatupon Boonpinyo

Mr.Chatupon Boonpinyo Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Psychology Guidance) Master of Education (M.Ed.) (Development on Human Potentials)

Mr.Chanwut Rampai

Mr.Chanwut Rampai Psychology Guidance (B.Ed.) Educational Management and Administration Leadership (M.Ed.)

Ms.Sirinard Udomthiraphan

Ms.Sirinard Udomthiraphan 1.Bachelor of Education (Social Studies, Counseling Psychology and Guidance) 2.Bachelor of Political Science ( Political Science) Master of Education(Educational Administration)

Ms.Tuangrat Sonthipan

Ms.Tuangrat Sonthipan Bachelor of Education (Guidance Psychology)

Ms.Supitchaya Theppawan

Ms.Supitchaya Theppawan Bachelor of Education (Special Education)

Ms.Kumaree Chaiya

Ms.Kumaree Chaiya Bachelor of Education (Psychology Guidance)