science department


Mr.Itthipop Timwipak Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Master of Education (Educational Administration)

Ms.Sivilai Promdum

Ms.Sivilai Promdum Bachelor of Education (Physic)

Mrs.Srisuda Sukchum

Mrs.Srisuda Sukchum Bachelor of science (Physics)

Ms.Supissara Nakpajon

Ms.Supissara Nakpajon Bachelor of Education (General Science & Chemistry)

Mr.Jerawat Kongthep

Mr.Jerawat Kongthep Bachelor of Education (Science - Physics)

Ms.Hathairat  Kongpara

Ms.Hathairat Kongpara Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Ms.Wasamol  Sriwiran

Ms.Wasamol Sriwiran Bachelor of Education (Science)

Ms.Maturin  Suttichet

Ms.Maturin Suttichet Bachelor of Science (Environmental Resource Chemistry) Master of Education (Science Education)

Ms.Piyatida  Seena

Ms.Piyatida Seena Bachelor of Education (Physics)

Ms.Anthicha  Mekchai

Ms.Anthicha Mekchai Bachelor of Education (Science-Physics)

Ms.Jeeraporn  Muenprasat

Ms.Jeeraporn Muenprasat Bachelor of Education (Science)

Mr.Thanawat  Thongdee

Mr.Thanawat Thongdee Bachelor of Education (Secondary Education (Biology)

Ms.Chutima  Isaranukul

Ms.Chutima Isaranukul Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) Master of Education (Educational Administration)

Ms.Jirawan  Nucharoen

Ms.Jirawan Nucharoen Bachelor of Eduction (B.Ed.) Science-Chemistry

Ms.Kannika  Yuangrum

Ms.Kannika Yuangrum Bachelor of Education (Chemistry)

Ms.Arpaporn  Duangsa

Ms.Arpaporn Duangsa Bachelor of Education (Science)

Mr.Yuthasat  Sodwilai

Mr.Yuthasat Sodwilai Bachelor of Education Science (physics)

Mr.Yuranan  Kambuapa

Mr.Yuranan Kambuapa Bachelor of Education (Physics)

Mrs.Sirakorn  Seeho

Mrs.Sirakorn Seeho Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Physics Master of Science (M.S.) (Physics Education)